KSE Sustainable development Sector

The Kyrgyz Stock Exchange (KSE) is committed to the Sustainable development goals (SDG) and create the necessary conditions for the development of sustainable financing in the country and the promotion of responsible investment.

The KSE Sustainable Development Sector was created with the aim of support sustainable financing into socially and environmentally significant projects as well as stimulating the development of a green economy.

The main directions of the KSE within the framework of sustainable development section are following:

  • - creating the necessary conditions for issuance of sustainable financing instruments such as green, social and sustainable development bonds;
  • - application of ESG-Guide of KSE on disclosure non-financial reporting by listed and public companies of the country;
  • - implementation of the KSE Sustainable Development Policy.

The sustainable development sector may include sustainable financial instruments, including green, social bonds, sustainable development bonds issued by private, public or international organizations that comply with the principles (GBP, SBP, SBG, SLBP) of the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA), the standards of the International Organization Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), which have passed the verification procedure as well as the listing procedure in accordance with the Listing Rules of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange CJSC.

The verifier that assessed a company's sustainable instrument issue must be on the list of verifiers approved by the KSE or included in the list of verifiers of the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) or the International Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI).

Disclosure of information on compliance by companies with the criteria of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) is carried out in accordance with international standards for non-financial reporting and the ESG-Guide of KSE.

Name of the company Registration number of issue Security type Issue (pieces) Nominal priсe Nominal Currency Rate Placement start date Repayment date Listing category Standards compliance
Bank of Asia CJSC KG0201105119 Social Bond 82 000 1 000 KR som 12% annually 18.11.2022 18.11.2025 B Social Bond Principles (SBP) International Capital Markets Association (ICMA)
Dos-Credobank JSC KG0201085816 Green Bond 85 000 1 000 KR som 16% annually 13.06.2023 13.06.2026 B Green Bond Principles (GBP) International Capital Markets Association (ICMA)